“Obamacare” – Two things everyone should know now.

First, ACA (Obamacare) is a law; it is not an insurance plan. Health insurance is still provided by private insurance companies however the ACA mandates that insurance companies offer certain minimum benefits and that a set of standardized plans be offered, now called the “metal plans,” Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to make it easier for consumers to understand what is being offered.
Second, The health exchange debacle continues with clogged websites, hung apps and hacked servers. Most people don’t know that THERE IS NO REASON TO PURCHASE THROUGH THE EXCHANGE UNLESS YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A SUBSIDY! You may purchase any of the ACA compliant “metal” plans from any carriers that offer them through a licensed health insurance broker (like me ) or directly from the insurance company. The price is the same regardless of whether you purchase through a broker, direct from the company or via the exchange. Again, there is no reason to use the health exchange website unless you may qualify for a subsidy. The broker websites (like mine ) and insurance company websites are generally performing normally with no waiting.

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