End of Life Planning – there is a lot more to it than buying life insurance


Having recently experienced the loss of a close family member, my own end of life planning has been front and center in my mind lately.   Taking time to plan for the inevitable makes good sense for many reasons, not the least of which is relieving surviving loved ones of the difficult decisions and financial burdens that come when someone passes.  Cremation?  Burial? Final Dispostion?   Does everyone close to me know my wishes?   How about the funeral service?  Do I want special pictures displayed, certain music played?  There are many decisions to be made and some involve potentially costly outcomes.  It really is important to plan all the details and make sure funding is set aside for those final expenses either through designated accounts or with Life Insurance.   One of our Life Insurance Companies works with a site called “Dignity Planning dot com” which offers a number of planning services but most importantly, it has a free tool where you can do a mock (or real) funeral plan using services and pricing from a funeral home you select in your area.  If you try the tool, be sure to use the “custom” selection rather than picking one of the packages.   You can make a much less expensive plan that way and by searching through the various options you will gain a lot of insight into what must be done and the associated costs of various services that are available.  Check it out: https://www.dignityplanning.com/UnitedHomeLife/Home.aspx

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